Laser Hair Removal Frees You From The Drudgery Of Shaving Your Underarms Daily

Posted on: 7 July 2023


If you like to go sleeveless or you wear a swimsuit often during the summer, you may get tired of shaving your armpits so often. Underarm hair gives your armpits a dark color, and the hair can be embarrassing. If you shave, you may need to shave daily. You might opt for waxing instead, but waxing can be painful. Laser hair removal is a treatment to think about. It gives long-lasting results and isn't too painful to undergo. Here's information about laser hair removal for your underarms.

Your Skin May Be Numbed First

Your underarm skin is usually more tender than skin elsewhere on your body and that can make laser hair removal a little painful. If you have a strong pain tolerance, you may not have any problems, but if you can't tolerate pain, let your practitioner know so they can apply an anesthetic cream to your underarms and give it time to work before you have a treatment. The laser stings might feel like rubber bands snapping against your armpit, so you can feel the laser, but it shouldn't be too uncomfortable to tolerate.

The Treatment Goes Fast

Since your armpits are fairly small, your treatment session should only last several minutes. This makes it possible to squeeze an appointment into your busy day. When the session is over, you can go about your usual business. You may see results after you have one laser hair removal treatment, but since your hairs go through growth cycles, your hairs may continue to grow back for a while.

You could need multiple treatments spread over several months to get the results you want. After that, you could need a maintenance treatment once a year or so. The frequency of treatments and number of treatments you need depends on how fast your hair grows back, the hair color, and whether your hair is coarse.

There Is No Downtime

You don't need a recovery period after laser hair removal. Your underarms may be a little red and tender, but that should go away by the next day. You do need to protect your armpits from the sun for about a week. It's also a good idea to wear loose clothing to your appointment so the clothes won't rub your underarm skin or hold in sweat once the procedure is over.

Sun protection is important before your laser hair removal appointments too. The clinic or spa supplies you with preparation and aftercare instructions. In addition to avoiding the sun after your laser treatment, you may also need to stay out of the sun for several days before the laser treatment.

For more information, contact a laser hair removal service near you.