Eye Bags: Can Eyelid Plastic Surgery Help You?

Posted on: 27 December 2022


If you have large bags under your eyes that won't go away with cold tea bags or cucumber slices, see if you qualify for eyelid plastic surgery soon. Eyelid plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure for men and women who suffer from eye issues, including eye bags. A plastic surgeon can remove your eye bags with eyelid plastic surgery. Learn more about eye bags and how eyelid plastic surgery can treat them below. 

Why Do You Have Bags Under Your Eyes?

Eye bags, or under-eye swelling, develop when the skin beneath your lower eyelids sags, droops, and becomes puffy or swollen. Bags can form under your eyelids if you suffer from allergies, sleep problems, smoke cigarettes, or inherit the condition from a parent or grandparent. The things above can weaken the muscles beneath your eyes, or they can decrease the elasticity in the skin beneath your eyes. 

You may try a number of things to soothe your eye bags, including covering them with cold cucumber slices and frozen tea bags. You may even dab eye cream or moisturizer over your puffy skin. However, the do-it-yourself treatments above may only temporarily remove your eye bags.

Eyelid plastic surgery may be a better and more lasting solution to remove the bags from under your eyes. 

What's Eyelid Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic doctors use eyelid plastic surgery, or blepharoplasty, to tighten, tone, and enhance drooping, sagging, or wrinkling eye skin. The procedure can remove pockets of fat from the area beneath your lower eyelids, or it can remove excess skin from the area beneath your lower eyelids. The procedure can also remove wrinkles from the skin beneath or around your lower eyelids by tightening it. 

Blepharoplasty requires doctors to make a slight or thin incision just below the lower lid. The incision allows a doctor access to the tissues beneath your skin. After a doctor makes an incision in your skin, they'll gently remove fat or skin from it. 

After a doctor completes the actions above, they'll close the skin with invisible sutures. The sutures allow the skin to grow and heal properly after the procedure. The sutures should dissolve into your body as your skin heals. If the suturing process concerns you, speak to a cosmetic doctor immediately.

You must rest after your procedure. If possible, schedule your surgery on a day that allows you to rest quietly at home or in another place afterward. A doctor will check your surgical site at a later date to see if it's healing properly.

Learn more about eyelid plastic surgery and how it works by contacting a cosmetic doctor soon.