What To Expect Right After Getting Botox

Posted on: 15 June 2021


If you have never received Botox treatment, you may not be very familiar with the things you should expect right after getting the injections. You will want to make sure that you review the following information before your first appointment for injections so you are not concerned or confused about the process once you are already in the midst of the treatment. Here are some important things that you want to be aware of:

There Is A Chance Of Bruising

Not everyone will experience bruising at the injection sites, but there are many who do. This can be concerning for those people who do end up with some bruising, especially if the size or color of the bruising causes them to become worried that something might be wrong. Avoid unnecessary worrying by simply remembering that you could not only experience bruising, but you could also see some swelling and even end up with a headache.

You Should Avoid Aspirin

Even if you do end up with a headache, you will want to avoid taking aspirin. The reason for this is that aspirin will cause the thinning of your blood. This can cause any bruising you have to end up looking a lot worse. Try dimming the lights and ask others in the house if they could keep the noise to a minimum while you try to get rid of your headache.

You Probably Won't See The Full Results Right Away

You might leave the clinic and feel as though, besides some soreness, you are not able to notice much of a difference. However, this is to be expected. You will start to see results beginning to show soon, and the full results of the Botox treatment should be completed within a couple of weeks.

You Will Want To Rest And Avoid Exercise

It is important to make sure that you are taking a day or two to rest after you have received your Botox injections. If you still have to go to work or do things such as pick up some groceries, just try to take it easy. You will want to avoid taking part in any exercise at all for a couple of days though, as this will allow your body proper time to heal.

Make sure that you are setting aside time to have an in-person consultation with the professional who will be administering the Botox. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions.