4 Types of Breast Augmentation Procedures to Consider

Posted on: 18 December 2020


Whether you dislike your breasts for purely cosmetic reasons or because of health issues, body image issues can ruin your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a variety of breast augmentation procedures to consider. 

Breast Lift

Women usually consider a breast lift if they have lost considerable volume in their breasts. This may occur after weight loss or after pregnancy and breast-feeding. Of course, as you age, your breasts may begin to sag. One of the major challenges with sagging breasts is finding supportive bras that are also comfortable and affordable. Underwire may improve the positioning of the breasts, but many women find underwire to be uncomfortable. A breast lift is used to remove excess tissue and reposition the breasts higher on the chest.

Breast Reduction

Some women with breasts that are relatively large for their frame can feel uncomfortable for various reasons. Inappropriate attention or the feeling that people are only looking at your chest can be some reasons to consider a breast reduction. Having larger breasts can make it nearly impossible to find a bra, and the options are often unappealing and expensive.

For some women, having larger breasts can cause back and shoulder pain or they are more likely to experience recurrent rashes under the breasts. When rashes become an ongoing issue, they can be difficult to treat because the fungus becomes resistant to medications and larger breasts can cause a permanent area under the breasts that is always moist. A breast reduction removes excess tissue from the breasts and they are typically lifted during the process.

Breast Implants

Breasts implants may be silicone or saline and are used to enlarge the breasts and may also change the shape of the breasts. Some women may be unhappy because they have naturally small breasts or they shrunk considerably after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Implants not only make the breasts larger, but they can fill out excess skin. The type of implant that is ideal will depend on the results you desire. If you want more natural-feeling breasts, then consider silicone.

Saline implants are easier to insert because they are tucked inside the breast before they are filled with saline. In the rare event a breast implant ruptures, saline is more obvious because the fluid leaks out and is absorbed into the surrounding tissues.


Breast reconstruction may include a variety of augmentation procedures that are used to repair defects in the breast after a lumpectomy or create a breast after a mastectomy. The options for reconstruction may depend on how quickly you have the procedure after the initial surgery and the amount of skin available to complete a reconstruction surgery. In some cases, a flap may be created from abdominal skin and fat to create the new breast. Breast implants may be used to reconstruct the breast, especially if the reconstruction is done at the same time as a mastectomy and if there is enough tissue to accept the implant.

With many types of breast augmentation procedures available, most concerns about your breasts can be improved or fixed altogether. Breast augmentation often improves self-confidence and gives a woman a wider variety of bras and tops that flatter her figure.