Guilty About Wanting A Breast Reduction? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be.

Posted on: 1 October 2020


For some women, getting a breast reduction is an easy choice. But it's not that way for everyone. If you have larger breasts than you'd like but are feeling a sense of guilt at the idea of giving them up, you really shouldn't be. Here are three good reasons why you should do what's right for you.

It's No One's Choice But Your Own

Some women feel as though they're giving up a gift when they have large breasts reduced. This is usually because large breasts are often seen as attractive by potential sexual partners, and even envied by other women. However, that shouldn't mean a thing in your decision.

When it comes to reducing the size of your breasts, it's entirely a personal choice. You are the commander and owner of your own body and have the right to change it as you see fit, for any reason. If others try to guilt you out of doing the procedure, they're likely a toxic influence in your life. Try to focus on what you yourself want, not what others say you should be doing.

Physical Pain and Injury

Many women choose to have their breast size reduced because it's painful for their backs to be supporting large breasts all day, regardless of what kind of supportive bra they use. While the female body is designed to have breasts, when they become exceedingly large, they can put abnormal strain on your body and lead to muscle pain in the short-term.

Unfortunately, that's not all. Heavy breasts can potentially put long-term strain on your back, damaging your posture and even leading to problems for your spine down the road. By reducing your breast size now, whether you've already developed back problems or not, you can avoid future complications and will immediately experience a reduction in the discomfort your back has been going through.

Age and Rubbing

Another problem that's sometimes not talked about is what happens to large breasts as you get older. Due to the nature of gravity and aging, as you grow older, breasts naturally tend to sag. However, it's worse with large breasts, because as the connective tissue and collagen produced by the body reduce, what's left can't support the large mass of bigger breasts. As a result, you may see sagging sooner than women with smaller breasts or more severe sagging.

If that weren't enough, heavy breasts that sag can cause potential problems for the skin on your chest and belly. If your breasts hang down when unsupported, they can rub against other skin, causing the development of rashes, irritation, and even infection. For many women, wearing a bra 24/7 isn't practical or ideal, so in cases like these, the only options are to either prevent the problem through a reduction or treat the problems it causes.

If you're tired of having big, heavy breasts, then you should get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon about having the problem resolved. You'll feel happier, and if the people in your life really care about you, they'll be happy for you, no matter what your figure looks like.

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