4 Reasons Why Emsculpt Is An Awesome Choice For Toning

Posted on: 4 August 2020


If you would like to have a tighter, more toned look, you have a lot of choices these days. One option that is becoming more popular is Emsculpt. This treatment has your practitioner place electrodes on your skin over major muscle groups. The electrodes cause your muscles to contract and relax, again and again, multiple times per second. When the treatment is over, the treated area will look taut and toned.

So what are the advantages of Emsculpt over other toning treatments? Take a look.

1. Emsculpt does not require incisions or injections.

Most toning and fat loss treatments are invasive, at least to some degree. Liposuction requires that your doctor makes multiple small incisions to insert the cannula. More extensive "tuck" surgeries require larger incisions to be made. With Emsculpt, there are no incisions. This means you don't have to prepare for a surgical procedure, and there is no risk of infection. There's also no recovery time; you can go straight back to work after an Emsculpt session.

2. Emsculpt does not hurt.

The procedure can be a bit uncomfortable. It will take you a little time to get used to the feeling of your muscles contracting so rapidly. However, Emsculpt does not actually hurt. You do not need any anesthetic beforehand, and you don't need any pain relievers afterward.

3. Emsculpt can be combined with diet and exercise.

Emsculpt is not designed to be used on its own for weight loss. You can easily combine it with diet and exercise, which means you'll be doing what's best for your health and not just for your appearance. You probably won't want to work out right before or after your procedure but give it a day, and you should be set! With surgical toning procedures, there is a lot more downtime, which can make it harder to stick to your diet and exercise routine overall.

4. Emsculpt tones muscle and helps you shed fat.

To get a more toned look, you need to tone your muscle while also shedding fat. Emsculpt allows for both in the same procedure. The contractions help build up your muscles, and the electrical stimulation also triggers your fat cells to let go of the fat they are holding onto.

While there are multiple options for toning your body, Emsculpt is one to seriously consider. Talk to a practitioner in your area to learn more about this procedure.