The Problem With Implants That Are Too Large

Posted on: 28 February 2020


When a patient thinks about breast augmentation, they typically have a desire to increase the size of their breasts. While fuller breasts can enhance your appearance and confidence, implants that are too large might do the opposite. Always remember that when it comes to implants, bigger is not always better. 

Unnatural Appearance

Breast augmentation is meant to enhance your appearance, so the size of the implants should look natural based on your frame and build. Overly large implants don't look natural and can often be unattractive. For this reason, natural-looking implants typically only involve an increase in breast size of about one or two cups. When you visit the surgeon, you should be able to play around with different implant sizers to see exactly where you need to be. 

Lifestyle Restrictions

Implants that are too large will have an effect on every aspect of your life, even in ways you might not have imagined. For example, if you're an exercise enthusiast, large implants will affect your ability to run and jump with ease. Large breasts can also make it harder to find garments to fit you properly, especially if you have a smaller build. For a person with a small build, if you find a shirt to fit around your breasts, it's likely that the rest of the shirt will be too large. 

Pain and Discomfort

Large implants can also make your everyday life less than enjoyable. The greater the size of the implant, the heavier the implant is. Heavy implants put extra strain on your back and neck muscles, which can make the idea of exercising and even walking around painful at times. Should you gain weight after the procedure, the added fat and the weight of the implants can even put a strain on your shoulders, as well. 

Repeat Procedure

Given the unnatural appearance, lifestyle restrictions, and pain and discomfort that accompany implants that are too large, it is not unheard of for people who have this type of experience to elect to have a repeat procedure in the years following the initial breast augmentation procedure. A repeat augmentation procedure to remove or resize the implants is another procedure, which comes along with additional costs, recovery time, and increased health risks. 

Always follow your surgeon's advice when it comes to your implants. Your surgeon will help you choose an implant size that looks the best for your frame and is best for your lifestyle and health.

To learn more about breast augmentation and discuss what size is right for you, contact a doctor.