What Time Is The Right Time To Get Facial Injections For Wrinkles?

Posted on: 22 August 2019


You can do many things to help turn back the hands of time, such as getting facial injections to help you manage wrinkles. When gravity takes its toll on your face, you notice changes in the form of sagging jowls, wrinkles and fine lines around and under your eyes, and other issues that are hard to treat. You can make your wrinkles less severe or even make them appear to go away completely by getting a treatment like Botox to manage your wrinkles. However, when is it the right time to get this type of work done?

While you can technically get this type of treatment done — by a professional only, never try to inject muscle relaxant and freezing agents into your skin on your own — at any time, the best time to get facial injections can vary. Your injection specialist will give you further advice for taking care of your skin overall, but you can also use this guide to help you learn when you should have these injections done.

Before fine lines turn into full wrinkles

Fine lines aren't quite wrinkles, but they can be a sign that wrinkles aren't too far away. When you have fine lines, talk to your doctor about cosmetic procedures that you can get, including injections, to help make wrinkles less likely. Fine lines are often noticeable around the nose, mouth, under the eyes, and other areas of the face, and can be much easier to treat when they are taken care of before they get too deep and permanent.

Before you have a major event or occasion to go to

It can take a short time for the injection site to calm down and swelling and redness to go away following an injection treatment, so make sure you do what you can to keep your face at its best by getting your procedure done in plenty of time to heal before a wedding, anniversary, work party, or another event you want to look great for. Your skincare specialist will give you advice for rapid healing and can even recommend special creams and things you can do in your downtime to make your skin radiant and easier to care for.

Whether you want to reverse the aging process of just look your best for a single event, getting a facial injection treatment can help. Best results come from multiple treatments, so speak to your skincare specialist to learn more.

For more information about botox procedures, contact a local cosmetic surgery practice.