Post Pregnancy Tips to Help Your Body Recover After Birth

Posted on: 29 October 2018


Pregnancy can cause a number of changes to your body. Some women can have many children without much change to their bodily appearance, but other women can be permanently affected. Your skin might stretch and refuse to return to its normal shape, even after you've lost the weight you gained during pregnancy. If you want to get back into great shape after pregnancy, following these tips can help your body recover. 

1. Eat healthier foods. 

In order to help your body recover from birth, you need to feed it optimal ingredients. Fruits and vegetables have the vitamins that nourish your skin and help preserve its elasticity. Eating well has another benefit, of course; it's easier for you to lose weight after birth if you concentrate on eating healthier foods. Try to stay away from sugar and processed foods; these will not help nourish your body. 

2. Go for gradual weight loss. 

Gradual weight loss is the key to helping your skin heal after pregnancy. You might have stretch marks from the rapid growth of your tummy during pregnancy, but your skin doesn't bounce back so easily. Slow weight loss helps your skin to gradually shrink back over time, allowing you to regain some definition in your tummy area. 

3. Moisturize your skin.

Moisturizer can help to nourish your skin, which loses moisture with hot showers and sun exposure. After pregnancy, moisturizers can also help your skin bounce back in areas where you might have gained weight, such as your hip, thigh, and glutes. Choose moisturizers that have vitamin E and nourishing plant oils. Try to avoid cheaper lotions that contain alcohol, as these can sometimes dry out your skin over time and only provide relief for a moment. 

4. Consider cosmetic helping hands.

Even with careful working out and eating well, you might not be able to fully restore your body to how it was before pregnancy. This is where cosmetic procedures can help. For example, you might decide to get a simple tummy tuck to take care of the extra loose skin after you've lost the baby weight. Tummy tucks are simple procedures, but they are best for women who are not planning on getting pregnant again because you don't want to undo the effect. You might also try some cool sculpting which uses a laser to help you tone some trouble areas that won't budge even with diligent exercise.