Three Challenges You Might Face After Having Breast Augmentation

Posted on: 28 July 2018


If you have always struggled with your body image related to the size of your breasts, you might be considering a breast augmentation. Many women who undergo this procedure find that they feel much more confident and empowered afterwards. However, the weeks after your breast augmentation procedure may also bring about a few challenges. Here is a look at some of those challenges and some tips for facing them.

Challenge #1: Your Clothes Don't Fit

Even if you only increase your breast size by a cup size or two, it's amazing how much differently your clothing will fit. Obviously, you will need to invest in new bras. Wait until a week or two after your procedure to go try them on so you can be sure they fit properly. If you do this too early, your breasts may still be a little swollen, so you will have a hard time correctly judging your size. Replacing all of your bras can get expensive, but there are some lingerie stores that will offer a post-surgery discount, especially if you buy several at once.

When it comes to other clothes, your best bet is to spend a day going through your closet and trying on all of your dresses and tops. Donate anything that does not fit, and then make a list of items you must buy to replace them.

Challenge #2: People Ask Why You Look Different

You may not know what to say when people look at you with their heads cocked and say "you look different." You could lie and insist you did not have any work done, but that's not good for your self-esteem! Instead, be honest. Reply "I had some work done on my breasts. Thanks for noticing!" If you own the changes you made, you will be helping to dissuade the stigma that sometimes gets attached to breast augmentation surgery.

Challenge #3: You Bump Into Things

You might find that, since you are not used to having larger breasts yet, you may bump into things or try to squeeze though places where you no longer fit. The only real way to deal with this is to give your body time to adapt. Wear a padded bra so it does not hurt so much when you bump yourself. Make a mental note that you might not fit when you go to squeeze through a tight spot.

Face these challenges head-on! Breast augmentation is something to celebrate.