Answers To Three Common Breast Augmentation Questions

Posted on: 8 July 2016


It is an unfortunate fact that there are many women that are unhappy with their appearances. Fortunately, modern medical science has made it possible for a person to alter their appearance so that they can achieve the look they have always desired. In particular, breast augmentations can be common procedures, but there are many women that may not be informed about this procedure. Learning the answers to these few common questions will help you in making the choice to undergo this cosmetic procedure.

Does Breast Augmentation Always Look Unnatural?

There is a common concern among many women that undergoing breast augmentation will result in their breasts having an unnatural appearance. However, this is not always the case. Choosing an appropriately-sized implant, an experienced surgeon and placing the implant under the muscle can all help to ensure that your breast implants look and feel as natural as possible. During the preliminary consultation, your surgeon may use computer graphics or images from previous patients to help you understand how your breasts will look after the procedure.

What Is Recovering From Augmentation Surgery Like?

Sadly, it can be common for women to delay or avoid this surgery for a fear that they will need a lengthy recovery period. While it is true that you will need several weeks to fully recover, it is often possible for patients to return to their normal schedules after a few days. Other limitations, such as avoiding working out or lifting heavy objects, may be imposed for a few weeks. This is necessary to allow the muscles in the chest to heal after the procedure. While this may cause you to fall behind on your workout routine, it can be a small inconvenience compared to having a body that allows you to be confident and happy with your appearance.

Will Future Surgeries Be Required?

The technology that goes into breast implants has undergo considerable advancements to make them appear and feel more natural while also being highly durable. However, the human body will gradually break down the implants. Due to this unavoidable fact, it will likely be necessary for you to undergo other surgeries in the future. These will be required so that the implants can be replaced. Fortunately, the lifespan of these implants is often many years, but the exact time frame will depend on the type of implant that is used. Making yearly visits to your surgeon will help them to monitor the implants so that you will know when they are needing to be replaced. Contact a company like Newport Center for Special Surgery for more information.