Preparing For A Wax

Posted on: 22 March 2016


Hair removal for women can often be fraught with anxiety, especially for a woman's first experience at a hair removal salon. But armed with a few tips and knowledge, you'll sail through your first hair removal procedure.

Be Hairy!

This might go without saying, but be sure that the area of the body you're having waxed is hairy. So grow out those pits or bikini line for a couple of weeks before your appointment. The hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long so that the wax will have something to grab.

Be Smooth!

Make sure that your skin is in top shape before heading out for your wax. Exfoliate the area you're going to have waxed to get rid of any dead skin cells or hairs that could be trapped under your skin. Use a body scrub you love to treat yourself, or just pour a dollop of your favorite body wash into your hand and add a tablespoon or sugar or salt to it. Instant body scrub!

Be Calm!

Scared of the pain of waxing? That's usually a number one fear of novices. Try picking up a pain reliever at the drug store before your appointment and take the recommended dose half an hour before your appointment. There also are commercially available skin numbing agents that are perfect for waxing. One thing to keep in mind is that if you're on an oral antibiotic, wait to finish your prescription before you head to your waxer. Antibiotics can make skin more sensitive to the pain of waxing.

After you've gone through the whole waxing procedure, you want to take care of your gorgeous and hairless bod. If your skin seems red or inflamed, put a soothing cream on it. Aloe and Neosporin both work well, and there are also creams available made specifically for freshly waxed skin. If you're worried about ingrown hairs, which can be painful, be sure to regularly exfoliate the waxed area to keep it free of dead skin cells that can trap hair. And if one of those hairs breaks through after your wax, resist the urge to shave! It's better to use a pair of tweezers and wait for your next waxing appointment. If you're waxing in anticipation of a trip to the beach, be sure to schedule your appointment for a few days before your trip. Heavy sun exposure isn't good for freshly waxed skin. You also should lay off the exercise for a day. Sweat and friction from your work-out clothes could irritate the area. Baby yourself for a day or two. You deserve it!

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