Breast Friends: Six Things You Can Do to Fall in Love with Your Breasts

Posted on: 23 July 2015


Women are constantly slammed with messages about how their breasts should look. Consequently, 70% are not happy with their breasts and wish they could change something about them. Here are six things you can do to fall in love with your breasts all over again.

1. Examine yourself in the mirror naked. This may intimidate you, but do it anyway. Seriously study yourself from every angle. What do you like? What are your favorite features? Do you think you look attractive? What things are you grateful for about your body (and your breasts)? Many women shy away from the mirror and are startled to discover they are more beautiful than they thought. Do this every so often to remind yourself of your femininity and to train your mind to think more positively about yourself.

2. Look at pictures of real breasts. There are several websites out there devoted to what breasts really look like. Women submit pictures (neck down) of their breasts so other women can see what real breasts look like. You will be shocked! They come in every size, color, and shape. Very, very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts. You will be much happier with your own once you see how other women's breasts look. Compare yourself to these images instead of the unrealistic ones you have floating around in your head.

3. Tell yourself what you want to hear. Men don't always tell women what they need to hear. Or, if they do, women often don't believe them. Start telling yourself what you want to hear about your body. Say it often. Say it out loud. Post it on your mirror. Spend some serious time validating yourself and how you look. 

4. Buy some awesome bras. Don't avoid shopping for them because you feel awkward or embarrassed. Get professionally measured so you know exactly what size you should be wearing. Your ladies deserve the best! Find some bras that are flattering and that support you well. Your back (and your breasts) will thank you.

5. Have some boudoir pictures taken. They can be as revealing as you are comfortable with. A professional photographer can make help you look absolutely amazing! You will feel beautiful and sexy, no matter how large your breasts are or how much you weigh. Look at the pictures every so often to remind yourself how gorgeous you are. 

6. Visit a plastic surgeon. If you are still struggling, go for a free consultation with a plastic surgeon. Find out what they could do for you and what it would cost. Seriously consider it for a while. You may decide that it is not worth it (and then you can put the idea out of your head), or you might feel that getting a breast augmentation or reduction is the right path for you. You will never know unless you start researching. 

Don't feel self-conscious any longer. Follow these six steps and become breast friends with your breasts once again.