Understanding Types of Breast Implant Incisions

Posted on: 20 July 2015


If you are thinking about getting breast implants, then it is important to think about the type of incision you will want. Many people focus too much on the type of implant: saline or silicone. While this is important, the area where the incision is made is also crucial. Some incision points will leave almost no visible scarring, while others are more suitable for the type of implant.

Here's a discussion about the 4 main types of incision points and their pro's and con's.

Through The Breast Fold (Inframammary fold)

This incision point is located at the crease where the bottom of the breast meets the chest. This incision is very popular because it allows for large, silicone implants. The surgeon is also able to perform an over-the-muscle or under-the-muscle implant. The main advantage to the inframammary fold (IMF) incision is that it affords the surgeon the most flexibility.

The downside to the IMF incision is that it can leave a noticeable scar.

Through The Aerola (Periareolar)

The areola is a popular incision point because it leaves very little scarring . Additionally, the implant can be placed over-the-muscle or under-the-muscle.

The downside to this type of incision is that it is not suitable for large silicone implants. Women who are looking to increase their breast size more than one cup size, using silicone, should speak with their physician to determine if their areola is large enough for the necessary incision.

Through The Armpit (Transaxillary)

The armpit is a popular incision point because it completely eliminates any scarring around the breast. There will be a small scar, but it will be hidden in the woman's armpit. This is the major benefit of the armpit incision point.

The drawback is that it is a much more complicated procedure as compared to the other incision types. The surgeon will often have to use an endoscope in order to place the implant.

This sort of incision should only be chosen if you are adamant that there be no trace of cosmetic work on your breasts. Otherwise, a periareolar or IMF incision is a better choice.

Through The Belly Button (Transumbilical)

This is another incision point that leaves no scarring on or around the breast. The incision is made near the naval. The surgeon then cuts a channel through the subcutaneous layer of fat up to the breast. The implant will be moved up through this channel.

The upside is obvious; there is no scarring on the breast.

The downside is that you cannot get a silicone implant. Silicone implants cannot be compressed small enough to pass up through the channel. You can only use saline implants. The other downside is that this procedure requires the most expertise.


If you are looking for large, silicone implants, then you will likely need to choose a breast fold incision point. However, if you are opting for a smaller implant and are comfortable with saline, then you should consider the areola incision point. The only time you should consider an armpit or naval incision is when you want no visible sign of cosmetic surgery on your breasts.

For more information, contact a professional service, like Merrick Plastic Surgery SC, to discuss your incision needs and preferences.